Work Parties

Work parties are held at our venues for general maintenance, urgent repairs or new projects throughout the year. If work required is of specialist nature we sometimes engage qualified contractors to deliver the work, but clearly this adds to our costs. We can sometimes offset these costs via grant funding, but opportunities for grant funding are few and far between,  bid writing is time consuming and bids aren’t always successful. That said, over the last 10 years we have managed to attract over £30k in external funding, which has helped with improvements at our venues.

Society waters are leased from three different land owners, namely Telford & Wrekin Council, Willey Estate and Severn Gorge Countryside Trust. Prior to doing any work at our venues, we normally have to seek permission from the land owner and for that reason we encourage members to take part in our organised work parties and not to instigate or deliver work that hasn’t been approved by the society management committee or our land owner. We encourage members to contact us via this website to discuss required work or repairs at our venues.

Work parties are a great way to meet other members, get to know committee members, improve your health and wellbeing and for you to put something back in to the society. The society is a voluntary, not for profit organisation and we cant do anything without our members, so please do get involved if you are able.

We normally have a committee member who takes the lead role in maintenance and work parties and they shall advertise work parties on this page. Please visit this page regularly to check for work party dates and get involved if you can.

Our volunteering opportunities aren’t restricted to physical work on the bank. You may wish to offer your time for helping to organise events, running matches, administration or bid writing etc. Whatever your skills, we’d be pleased to hear from you. We may not be able to offer you opportunities immediately, but we’ll keep your details and will contact you when opportunities arise.

If you are a company or contractor with products or skills which you think may benefit the Society and you would like to help through preferential rates or charitable giving, please contact us.